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sincerely appreciate your interest in our log homes and hope you will take a minute to let me explain what we are doing and what our goals are.

First of all, I would like to share with you a short history of this American phenomenon the "Log Cabin". The very first log structures in America were thought to have been built in 1638 by the Dutch in New Sweden, which is now Delaware. These Scandinavian settlers brought their skills to America from their ancestors in Europe. The log cabin adapted perfectly to the American forest. It could be erected fairly quickly from the surrounding forest with only two tools, the axe and the froe. It provided protection from the winter winds and spring rains. In the summer the clay chinking could be removed to let cool breezes pass through.

People like Daniel Boone and Lewis and Clark pioneered the beginning of the great westward movement. By the 1800’s thousands of Americans had moved down the Ohio River to settle into Indiana and Ohio and Kentucky. Most of these settlers had very little money or possessions. But, what they did have was a dream to carve out a better life for themselves and their families. They came to this new land with nothing and built with their hands their possessions.

In 1828 Andrew Jackson was elected president of the United States. By this time the frontier vote had become an important part of American politics and "old Hickory" let the people know he had been born in a "log cabin" under British rule. This made him very popular and he was elected twice ! William Henry Harrison was no fool either. Old "Tippecanoe" used the log cabin as a campaign symbol although he was born in a Virginia mansion. Abraham Lincoln was the last American president to be born in a "log cabin". Lincoln helped his father build several log houses in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. So ingrained was the symbolism of the log house in our American history that as late as the 1950’s Senator Robert Kerr of Oklahoma proudly advertised that he had been reared in a "log cabin" in his home state.

It is our goal to save just a small piece of our American history and pass it on to our descendents. There will never be any more "original" log houses than there are now. The number decreases each week and one hundred years from now the only original houses in existence will be the ones preserved.

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